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Five Advantages of Annual Maintenance Contract

03 May, 2018

We Nepalese usually have a tendency of solving our problems after they arise. We go see a doctor only when the problem becomes chronic. 80% of our population do not have any type of insurance coverage. This tendency extends towards our home maintenance and repair habits. Until Nepalese home owners call a technician the issue is probably so chronic that simple repair cannot solve the problem.
Sajilo Marmat Sewa’ offers Professional Annual Maintenance Contract usually referred to as AMC to business organizations and Home Owners. AMC is like a non-life insurance for office equipment’s and home maintenance requirements which can save organizations and home owners from maintenance related headaches. Scheduled visits guarantees timely maintenance by certified technicians in affordable price saving huge costs which could have occurred if the problem had become chronic.

  • Businesses can focus on their operation

Why indulge on anything else except your core operation? If you have a restaurant business, your focus should be on hospitality and food. Leave maintenance work to experts.

  • Saves cost

Scheduled maintenance saves huge costs in the long run. A minor problem if taken care in its preliminary stages can be solved with minor repair by experienced handymen.

  • Professional service

Nepali technicians love two words; “Bharai” and “Bholi”, and as the famous saying goes ‘Tomorrow never comes’. Sajilo technicians arrive on pre-informed time.

  • Emergency Repairs

Organizations and households with AMC contracts fall under priority and are provided emergency services within three hours of inquiry.

  • Increased longevity of your hardware

A/C, Electrical systems, plumbing apparatus etc. are significant investments so naturally everyone wishes they could get a longer life out of their equipment. By sticking to a routine maintenance schedule, your hardware will undergo thorough inspections designed to catch any serious issues before they cause a major problem. It’s less likely that you’ll experience an unexpected system failure, and you can be confident that your operations will continue at peak efficiency.

Sajilo Marmat Sewa currently offers AMC for four services

  1. Plumbing
  2. Electrical
  3. Computer
  4. Air Conditioning

Clients we have served

  1. RedMud Coffee
  2. Unilever Nepal
  3. Home Loan Experts, Nepal
  4. Leapfrog Technology
  5. Evoke Cafe and Bistro
  6. R&D Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Momo-Magic
  8. The Yard by Oasis Garden Homes
  9. The Royal Mountain Travels and Tours
  10. The Crust Pizza 
  11. Kids Villa
  12. ACME Techno Trade
  13. Pixie Cafe N Bar
  14. Evoke Cafe & Bistro
  15. Baraha Jewelry Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Shristi School
  17. SherpaShah
  18. Nepal Tourism Board
  19. ACME Facilities Management
  20. Hester Bio-science
  21. NOYA Heritage Boutique Hotel
  22. Biti Supplier and Printing Press

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