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Sajilo Marmat Sewa: At Le Sherpa Farmers Market

07 Apr, 2019

Every Saturday morning, Le Sherpa hosts a different type of crowd. They comprise of the local and foreign residents who love local and fresh produce and farmers who come there to sell fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

On the 23rd of March Sajilo Marmat Sewa’s team was also at the Farmers market understanding that the local and foreign residents also require home repair services. 

The visitors showed a lot of interest and were glad that home repair services with such a wide service range was available in the valley. The visitors were informed about Sajilo Marmat Sewa and how it has been providing qualitative and hassle-free services to various households and corporate sectors for the past two years. The visitors were explained about the major maintenance areas focused by SMS (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, appliances, computer, air conditioning, and interior solution) with the help of flyers and brochures.   

SMS also introduced their new AMC packages regarding plumbing and electrical, specially designed for the corporate houses. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) now includes three monthly subscription packages; Basic, Value and Unlimited. 

Among the visitors, one lucky winner ‘Kismita Shrestha’ won free dinner at Le Sherpa.  

For more information about AMC packages, visit our website (

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