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How to take care of Electronic Appliances

05 May, 2019

Taking care of an electronic appliance is a really tricky part. Just like human bodies, the appliances we use also require regular checkups or system inspections. But most importantly, we should learn to take care of them in a healthy way to ensure their long life. Here are some of the basic steps that can be taken care of for sustaining healthy electrical appliances.

Regular dusting

Wipeout or brush out the dust from appliances like laptops, music players, printers, fridges, televisions, etc. to prevent the specks of dust from entering inside the system. Wipe over with a damp soft cloth to ensure all the dirt particles gone.

Using covers

The second alternative for dusting the appliances is covering the appliances in the first place. Use a simple piece of cloth to place it over the appliance and occasionally replace the cloth with new ones or clean ones.

Be gentle

Do not bang, push, throw or try performing any kind of stunts with your electronics. Electrical appliances are most crucial and are needed to be handled with care. For instance; be gentle while closing the door of your refrigerator. Do not pass or throw your mobile phones or laptop from a distance, they may fall and break. Keep electrical appliances away from kids.

Do It Yourselves

Use toothbrush dipped in a lemon-baking soda mixture to remove stains around the stoves by gently rubbing off the grease. This method can also be used for clean microwave walls, removing stickers off the appliances, cleaning refrigerator shelves by removing the food and wiping off with the mixture and so on.

DOs and DONTs

There are simple things that should be taken care of while using any type of electronic appliance. For instance, read the instruction sheets properly before using the appliance. Do not overload washing machines and dishwashers. Do not put any flammable dishes in the microwave. Carefully plug in the appliances to avoid any sort of shocks and short circuits. 

We can be careful with the regular use of appliances, but not everything can be solved with DIYs. In case of major issues with the electronics, consult a professional to avoid any sort of mishaps.

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