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Five question to ask when you call a plumber

03 Apr, 2018

In a country where professional plumbing and maintenance services are rare and people have to rely on the guy from a nearby hardware shop or a number saved in your phone-book, a question that home owners often ask is, what questions should I ask when calling a plumber.

It is recommended that you ask your plumber these questions before they arrive at your home.

  1. The first question commonly asked when calling a plumber, how quickly can he/she arrive?

Professional plumbing companies will usually be able to assist you immediately and send a service technician right away. If emergency service cannot be provided, they will at least arrive on pre informed time thus saving a lot of time.

  2. The second question is; what should I do with regards to a leakage or flood that I’m dealing with?

If you describe the problem to the dispatcher, the plumbing company will be able to give you the first steps necessary to deal with the leak or flooding that you have and also guide you through the process. They can advise you on whether you need to call the city to turn off the water in your home or if you need to turn the shut off valve leading to a toilet or faucet.

   3. The third question is; do you have service warranty or not?

Although most individual plumbers do not provide service warranty, some professional companies do provide service warranty. It is critical that every professional plumber must provide some form of warranty in order to protect the home owners in case of a problem related with the service the plumber provides.

   4. The fourth question is, what does the warranty cover?

Home owners must make sure that the repeat problem is related to the repairs made and ask regarding the scope of the service warranty. Every professional plumbing company should provide warranty in order to maintain service standards. However, in our context the plumbers usually stop receiving home owners calls when such situations arise. If they don’t offer warranty coverage, it is recommended not to use the plumber’s service and instead find another company. Today, professional plumbing companies provide coverage, as they stand behind their work and will always deliver top quality workmanship to the homeowner.

   5. The fifth question is, regarding the payment

Home owners usually are always worried regarding the rates of plumbers as there is no standard rates as such in our market. However, professional companies have set standard rates so that the home owners won’t have to worry about how much will the plumber charge. Some professional companies also provide free estimate and quotations after conducting a survey

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