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Plumbing hacks for homeowners (save money)

27 May, 2019

Not always one needs a professional technician to fix the plumbing issues. Being it clogged drains or dripping taps, some basic DIYs can solve these problems, and make your life much simpler and hassle-free. Here are some of the tricks that can help you with solving these kinds of problems:

Food coloring to trace leakages: 

It is frustrating to find the area around the flush tank damp after every 10 minutes and not finding the point of leakage. In such a case, add some drops of food coloring inside the flush tank and observe it after some minutes. You can easily trace the point of leakage. 

Vinegar to wash off rusts: 

To get rid of rusty pipes or taps, soak them in white vinegar for few hours and gently scrub the rusty layer off of them. If the object is too big to soak directly in the white vinegar, pour a layer over the top and allow it time to set.

Baking soda for clogged drains:  

Baking soda is the most commonly used cleaning agent in the case of clogged drains. Throw in some spoon full of baking soda into the drain and pour a jar of hot water, after. It will help to clean off grease and wash off the particles settled in the drain. 

Coca-Cola to clean shower heads:

Decreasing shower pressure is a common problem for most of us. This can be due to clogged shower heads that can be easily cured. Pour some Coca-Cola into a bowl and dip the shower head into the bowl. Let it soak for some minutes. Rub the shower head gently to get all the small particles off of it. You can also repeat the process until you are fully satisfied. 

     Beforehand treatments: 

Avoid disposing of any kind of food particles, hair strands, cotton balls, oil, and grease, etc. into the bathroom or kitchen sink. This will lead to a clogged drain and will give out a bad smell. Put such stuff in a garbage can for proper disposition.

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