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The Underrated Superheroes : Surendra Kumar Sunuwar

14 Mar, 2020

Hello, my name is Surendra Kumar Sunuwar, and I am an ‘Electrician’. I was born in Dolkha, Janakpur. From an early age, I was interested in technical field. I was always fascinated by technology, gadgets and electrical work. Before joining the electrical field, I worked at my brother’s mobile shop where I sold and repaired mobiles.

There are four members in my family, but my father was the only one who earned. It was not enough; we would run into financial problems time and again. However, I have started to contribute, and we are in a much better situation now. 

Before joining Sajilo Marmat Sewa (SMS) I was only able to deal with general repairs like wire connection, bulb replacement and MCB installation. I was an average electrician. But, after joining Sajilo Marmat Sewa (SMS) I have learned many things. Now, I am able to perform complex tasks like distributing the electrical load.

Usually customers do not empathize with us. Electrical wiring structure differs across technician and building structures. Therefore, it can be difficult for a new technician to find the wires or connection points installed in the house. There are times when the former technician would mess up, but we have to take the blame. 

The most difficult part of my field for me is time management. Not only me, no one can predict the time it takes to solve a particular electrical problem. A simple task like wiring a room can take 30 minutes to 4 hours. It all depends upon the situation and skill of the electrician. There are many obstacles and volatility in our job, but the customers usually do not understand our situation. It is difficult to explain to the customers regarding the problems as most of them do not understand the technicalities. 

At Sajilo Marmat Sewa (SMS), we are a family. Everyone helps and supports each other. We have a special bond with each other. 

The best part about Sajilo Marmat Sewa (SMS) is that we prioritize our clients before profit. Sajilo Marmat Sewa has insisted every technician to repair the system rather than replacing the system or its parts. SMS wants to minimize the cost of our clients.

The benefits at Sajilo Marmat Sewa (SMS) are the various opportunities that I embark upon. I get to work with the latest gadgets and learn new things. For example, I have received training from Home Automation and Ghampower about solar system, inverters and battery connection. The training that we receive teaches us about the latest trends in our fields like IOT, Solar System Battery, etc.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Sajilo Marmat Sewa and also our dear clients for entrusting me with major tasks and responsibilities. 

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