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The Underrated Superheroes : Shree Ram Karki

16 Mar, 2020

Hello, My name is Shree Ram Karki. I am an ‘Electrician’ and this is my story. I was born in Dhuskun of Sindhupalchok. From a small age, I felt there was a financial pressure in my family. We had limited amounts of food even though both of my parents were farmers. I did not want my siblings to face the same fate as me. Thus, it drove me to work and earn from a small age. I was always fascinated by technical work, I wanted to become an engineer, I still want to be one, but I have to make ends meet first.

I contribute my whole income to my family but, it is still not enough, even my younger siblings are working. Few years ago, I went to Malaysia to work, but I dreaded my decision as soon as I reached Malaysia. They treated us very badly. They did not even respect us as a human being; they treated us as if we were street dogs, maybe even worse.

I refused to give up, even though the work environment was not suitable, I was barely making progress and adjusting to the environment. Slowly, people started recognizing my hard work, and I was promoted. Unfortunately, my immune system gave up, I became sick and had to return to Nepal. I had no option, I had nothing left.

Fortunately, I was helped by SOS Balgram and israAID. They provided training in the electrical field. Thus, I became an electrician because I had to provide for my family. During that time, I felt that there was high demand for electricians and the available electricians in the market were charging at an absurd rate. I did not like how the electricians were treating the customers and how the customers were treating the electricians. I wanted to somehow change this scenario. 

I do not regard complex tasks or situations as a problem, but rather as an opportunity. The difficult/complex situation motivates me to handle the situation on my own. If I am able to overcome a situation then it motivates me to take up additional challenges.  

The training provided by Sajilo Marmat Sewa has helped me a lot. Sajilo Marmat Sewa (SMS) has provided me with the opportunity of working as ‘Head of the Electrical Department’. The best part about Sajilo Marmat Sewa for me is that they are successful in creating a community for Blue Collar workers. In Sajilo Marmat Sewa, everyone has a different set of skills and responsibility, every one of the technicians are valued and recognized by the organization. The technicians are also motivated to work effectively and efficiently.

The main goal of my life is to provide for my family. I do not want my family to struggle. I will also pursue engineering soon in the future, but first I will make my family proud.

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