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Challenges during Lockdown

25 Jan, 2021

We all remember the dire times of Lockdown. Staying locked inside, fearing the unknown aliens that spread across the world. 

It took a toll on everybody along with the business community. Likewise, our technicians also struggled to make ends meet. As the government restricted people from leaving their homes, the demand for maintenance and installation work related to plumbing, electrical, carpentry and other services decreased. The situation was such that humans started to fear other humans.

Daily wage earners were hit the hardest. Money was just one of their problems. In this strenuous time, they had to take care of themselves and their family members as well. This led to immense pressure in their physical and mental well-being. 

Electrical expert, Mr. Shree Ram Karki, stated, “It was an unprecedented time. I don’t own a vehicle thus, I had to walk long distances even to reach the customer's location.” 

“Working in the frontline during lockdown was very challenging. We were harassed by the authorities multiple times even though we had necessary permits from the local government. Having to wear a protective bodysuit was an additional hassle.” Mr. Karki added, “We could not even wipe the sweat off our foreheads”.


Plumbing expert, Mr. Prem Bahadur Thapa added “Difficulty to work was not the only problem, our health was the primary concern. We could not even have a sip of water outside. If we wanted to drink or eat, we had to manage it before leaving our house.”

The local authorities did provide limited passes to Sajilo Marmat Sewa’s team. The technicians had to coordinate with each other to optimally utilize the permits. 

The Head of Plumbing Department, Mr. Bijay Prakash Awal, said, “Being the HOD (Head of Department), I was responsible for assigning technicians in the field which meant I was also responsible for their health. This created mental pressure for me because I wanted them to earn in the difficult time but also feared for their and their family’s health.

Safety of the clients and technicians was the utmost priority at such times for the company. Sajilo Marmat Sewa was able to provide safety equipment and training to the partner technicians about how to deliver ‘Low Contact services’ to prevent the virus from spreading. Furthermore, the company encouraged their technicians to solve the problems through ‘Online Troubleshooting’ rather than visiting and contacting the customers. 

Moreover, Sajilo Marmat Sewa also devised a safety net for their technicians. Sajilo Marmat Sewa in partnership with Mindgrowth and Idea Studio created ‘Sajilo Marmat Sewa COVID relief fund’ in order to help their technicians. The aim of the relief fund was to help all the technicians, but as there were limited resources, the fund was distributed among the technicians who were in desperate and critical situation.

Tackling the lockdown was challenging, but the problems are not over yet. The virus is still among us, and it can cause greater harm than before because people have started to slowly ease into normal life ignoring safety precautions. Sajilo Marmat Sewa is still determined to provide the safest service with low contact protocols being followed. 

Check out how we are serving our customers following low contact protocols.

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