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The Underrated Superheroes: Rajan Ghatraj

31 Jan, 2021

Hello, My name is Rajan Ghatraj, a Plumber in Kathmandu. I was born in Sindhupalchok with a happy family of 6 members. My childhood dream was to be a part of a reputed company and become a successful person.

Remembering my childhood, I was mischievous, unaccountable and guilt free. My family overlooked my mistakes which made me more reckless. I vividly remember when I was a kid, I got scolded for something minor, so to retaliate I burnt down the cowshed made of hay. I don’t remember the reason for the scolding, but I remember the beating I got because of the action.

My family situation was stable, I got good education and good grades. But, growing up my family had internal conflicts which had a bad influence on me and I started making wrong decisions. 

In order to get back on track and improve myself, I decided to go abroad. As going abroad was a major decision, I had to have a plan. I joined the Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs (UCEP) and while learning there, I found plumbing easy, and it did not require me to study often. 

So, I started preparing for the worst and hoped for the best. 

When I reached Saudi Arabia, I dreaded my decision immediately. It was scorching hot, everyone was talking in a foreign language, I had no idea about my next step. I started remembering the wonderful memories and perfect weather of Nepal. The place was so hot, that even a hot breeze of air would feel like a blessing. 

I decided to return to Nepal because I wanted to work in my own country, even if it meant to work twice as hard, I was determined.  My future could only be secured if I was able to develop professional networks and connections. 

After returning to Nepal, I was able to acquire some customers, but they were an inconsistent source of income. Later on, I came to know about  Sajilo Marmat Sewa, a professional maintenance and installation company based in Nepal. I joined the company thinking it would be my safety net, but when I joined the company, they made me realize that I could be a part of something bigger. It aligned with my childhood dream. Also, the current Head of the Plumbing Department, Mr. Bijay Prakash Awal is one of my old colleagues back in Saudi Arabia, this made it easier for us to work together. 

Sajilo Marmat Sewa devised plans that helped technicians in difficult times like the lockdown. I am grateful for Sajilo Marmat Sewa for providing a platform for blue collar workers. And I have made a promise to myself that I would help Sajilo Marmat Sewa in every way possible for the growth.

Thank you Dear Reader for having the patience to read till the end of my story!

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