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Importance of Bathroom Manners / Etiquette

14 Feb, 2021

No one likes to deal with an ill-mannered and uncultured individual. 

The thin difference between us and animals is ‘etiquette’. Etiquette is good manners and rules followed by individuals to be accepted in a professional and higher social setting. It makes us a better human being and differs us from the crowd. It is not 

limited to the individual only, the etiquette and behavior of an individual is a reflection of their family background and their upbringing.

Well mannerism is essential for a socially responsible individual. A well-mannered individual is respectful, considerate, tactful, practical, and has flexible behavior to adapt in different situations. 

Bathroom and toilet etiquette is something we usually ignore. Here are some toilet / bathroom etiquette that should be followed:  

  1. Keep the toilet seats dry at all times.

  1. Flush the toilet after every use.

  1. Throw tissue & wrapped sanitary pads in the trash can.

  1. Refrain from spitting in toilet.



  1. No smoking

  1. Do not throw tissues or sanitary pads in the toilet.

These are some toilet etiquette that should be followed by a responsible person. The person should always leave the bathroom as they would like to see it when they enter a bathroom.

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