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Don’t do this to your Laptop’s Battery!

21 Feb, 2021

In this day and age, everybody knows about Laptop and its uses. Laptops have become an integral part of our life. Modern laptops are portable, fast and convenient. One of the main reasons for a laptop being a portable device is because of its battery. 

Battery is a vital component of a laptop in terms of portability and convenience. Even if the battery does not work, the laptop can fully function by plugging in the laptop's charger. But, this would slowly destroy the motherboard because of inconsistent high voltages. It is necessary to prolong the battery life to ensure the laptop can be used for as long as possible.

So, what can affect the battery life? 

Heat / High Temperature

Overheating is a common issue we face while using our laptops for a long period of time. Overheating depletes a battery's life. Thus, laptops and computers should be placed in areas where the air flow is good and sunlight does not hit the computers for a long time.


Usually laptop batteries are charged within 2 hours. But, we tend to charge the laptop overnight which is harmful for the battery. Overcharging inflates the battery making it bulky and depleting its lifespan.

Charging and using laptop at the same time

Charging and using the laptop at the same time is not the problem, but we tend to use the laptop while plugged in even after the battery is fully charged (100%). In such cases the battery is being charged at a faster rate than it is being used, thus this can inflate the battery and result in depletion of battery life. 

Unauthorized or Incompatible charger

The cheap and easily accessible charger may work on the laptop, but the laptops are designed in such a way that only the company's original chargers are best suited for the laptop. Even if alternate chargers are charging the laptop, it can hamper the charging port and the battery of the laptop.

Shutting off for a long period of time

Even shutting the laptop off in full charge for a long period of time is harmful for the laptop and its battery. If we have to store the laptop without using it for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended not to fully charge the battery. We can rather leave the power level to 50-80% rather than a 100% to prolong the battery’s life.

These are some points that should be considered, but even though we take immense care of our batteries, over time the battery life naturally degrades, and it eventually has to be replaced. As said above, the laptops can be used by plugging the charger, but it will slowly hamper the motherboard. The best solution can be to replace the battery and with an authentic, genuine battery. 

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