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Conquering the hills

07 Mar, 2021

After dealing with the challenges during the lockdown period and powering through the winter days, Sajilo Marmat Sewa planned a hike to motivate and encourage teamwork among their employees. 

Planning the hike was not easy, everything had to be calculated and considered. But, planning does not guarantee success, it’s the participation and execution that determines the success.  

A problem arose that employees would not get a day to rest and would have to work continuously for 2 weeks. The plan started to fall apart, the Human Resource department came up with a plan to provide alternate holidays to the employees with minimal hamper on the operation. This brought great relief to the entire team and the excitement was through the roof.

The day finally came! The entire team gathered in the office at Thadodhunga, Lalitpur to take off together. As some lived on the way to the destination, they joined in the middle of the journey.

In just a couple of minutes, we reached Lamatar, where we parked our vehicles and headed towards the Bhanjyang. Even if it was a small drive, it drained my energy. When I asked around, everyone was tired and wanted to rest for a while. To refresh and re-energize ourselves, we entered a small hut for tea and had breakfast ordered from Bagmati Sweets

1. Breakfast at Lamatar

The breakfast brought back my energy, but many were sceptical that we could walk all the way to the top of the Bhanjyang. In these times, we motivated and encouraged each other. 

2. The hike begins

With laughter and cheers, we moved forward to reach the top. 

It was not long that I realized that this would be a difficult journey, maybe I climbed a few steep hills, and I was exhausted. When I looked back, everyone had started panting with sweats running down their foreheads. But, everyone motivated themselves by popping energy drinks, cracking jokes and clicking photos. 

3. Everyone has their own priorities

4. Never too tired for a photo

We managed to reach halfway without any problems. When we reached halfway, we found out that there were shorter ways to reach the top. Without wasting any time, everyone took the shortcut even though it was more difficult than the usual road. 

5. The road we should have taken

6. The road we took

Even though it was a shortcut, I was running out of energy. Some were ahead and some were behind, I wanted to take a break. But, right when I was about to take a break, I got a glimpse of the top of the Bhanjyang. I rushed to the top and decided to wait for the rest of the gang.

After finding a suitable spot to rest, everyone came one by one, dropped their bags and laid flat on the ground. Then, slowly everyone got their energy back. We started plating our lunches and everyone gathered to have a feast.

7. Still makes the mouth water

It took only 30 minutes to fill our bellies and move on to our next activity. Neha Shrestha, our event organizer, had planned a bunch of activities to encourage teamwork. The first activity on the list was ‘Chinese Whispers’. Without wasting any time after instructions, we made a straight line.

8. Preparing for Chinese Whispers

Then, the organizer whispered some tongue twisters to the first person in line. Slowly, the whispers passed down and along the way, the whisper jumbled and the outcome was completely different. We played Chinese Whispers multiple times, but the outcome was never correct.

Here is a small glimpse of our activity 

The next activity was ‘Dumb Charade’, the team was divided into 3 groups of five members. Each group was provided with a name that had to be acted out by the representative. Some got easy names whereas some names were difficult that could not be acted by any of the 3 groups. At first, it was announced that only the winners of the game would win a prize, but in order to maintain the team spirit, everyone won a small prize.

9. Never too tired to take a photo Part 2

Even though we had planned many activities, we were running out of time. We had to return to Lamatar before sunset. No one wanted to return as everyone was having fun, but considering the time it will take to reach home, we started descending.

10. Returning home

We thought climbing the hill was a difficult task, but going down was even more difficult. Slipping through soils and pine leaves, it was a huge problem coming down. We had to jump over some obstacles, but we helped each other and came down together.

It was nearly 5 PM when we came down, exhaustion was starting to kick in, but we needed one last bit of energy to reach home and end the wonderful day. Like any other typical Nepali, we decided to drink tea to boost our energy. We agreed to have tea and light dishes at Lubhu and head back to our homes.

This was the first hike ever planned and executed by Sajilo Marmat Sewa. Even though there were many hurdles we helped and motivated each other. This would forever be a wonderful memory that I would cherish in the future.

‘Thank you for reading till the end.’

-Raman Manandhar

Marketing Officer

Sajilo Marmat Sewa

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