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  Call : +977-1-5186023

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Are you looking for a professional plumber? Look no further than SMS. No matter how skilled you might be at home maintenance, some jobs should only be tackled by professionals, and plumbing is one of them. When you book local plumbers through SMS, you'll be booking reliable plumbing professional who will know just where to look to find the source of the problem and who will have all the right tools and expertise to fix it. You'll never go looking for a "local plumbers near me" again!

All the new installation and maintenance work related to plumbing such as leakage, piping overhaul, tap replacement, piping errors, drainage and sewage line are included in the plumbing services.


  • Repair: Water and drain line pipe, faucets, flush tank, water pump

  • Clearance of the pipe, manhole, faucets blockage

  • Water tank and reserve tank cleaning

  • Extension of pipe line and new installation of all kinds of apparatus like wash basin, commode and floor pan

  • Maintenance of leakage in pipe line, faucets and other piping

  • Replace the old, damaged and broken materials like connection pipe, flush valve, faucets, pipe apparatus etc.

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